New Beef Alert: Medikal and Teephlow Clashes On Twitter [See Full Details]

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Medikal and Teephlow Beef

Two of Ghana’s hardcore and rap stars, AMG Beyond Kontrol’s Medikal and the Fante rapper, Teephlow seem to have started a new beef.

Just a few days ago the entertainment industry got hit by the beef between the dancehall recording act, Shatta wale, and Stonebwoy’s Ayisha Modi which lasted for 3 days but has finally been called off after they both have made peace.

Another one also popped up which has to do with rapper Guru and his problems with the entire Lynx Entertainment Record Label going back and forth with Kuami Eugene and his Manager Richie.


As we just waiting and hoping all this will vanish so there could be peace, It seems our wish won’t be coming through at now as rappers Medikal and Teephlow has taken over and throwing jabs at each other on Twitter.

Medikal and Teephlow Beef

It all started after rapper Medikal took to his official Twitter page yesterday, Tuesday, February 9, 2021, and said that upcoming rappers should move away from their mindset of rapping to please people. And that their works will reach nowhere if they stick to such a mentality without trying to do something unique.

“Most of y’all upcoming rappers are trapped within the mindset of impressing and competition. You will always get the applauds and cheer critics but due to lack of uniqueness, your shit will be stuck in your ass” – he wrote.


Teephlow who was not happy with the tweet from his colleague rapper came through with a reply, telling him it’s called passion for real arts and poetry and that he [MDK] should not discourage others if he is not interested.

“Its Called Passion for real Arts and poetry bro. if you not interested Dont discourage others. We cant all Rap the same”

The story continues as both acts continued with replies see screenshot below as MDK replies saying he is not discouraging him, but rather encouraging him.


Teephlow followed this up with a video as he advises all upcoming rappers telling them to to be them, and never be limited by any Nayya vibes, in the video below he cautioned Medikal not to start a beef he can’t end

“This is for every artiste who respects arts!! In any shape or form!! Be the best you can in anyway youd love to. Dont be limited by nyaaa vibes!! You were born Great so Go be great!!” – he captioned his video, watch below.

Just an hour after the above video the AMG Beyond Kontrol rapper also came back with a response saying that he [Phlow] is dumb for not comprehending the meaning of ‘Unique’, saying he should use the smoke he was talking about in his video to produce a hit song as he dissed him as “OFUI”.

You are dumb as fuck for not comprehending the meaning of ‘Unique’ take the smoke do hit song. Ofui !

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