Meet Flybhoss: The Reggae Dancehall Afro-Fusion Artiste Taking the Music World by Storm

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The Origin of Flybhoss

Isaak Avo Anloh Fosu, also known as Flybhoss, is the CEO of Flyyute Entertainment, a rising star in the music industry. His unique style and vibe have carved out a brand for himself and his Flyyute movement. The name “Flybhoss” originated from his hit single “Dem Dun,” and it stuck as the name of his movement.

The Musical Journey of Flybhoss

Flybhoss’ love for music dates back to his childhood, when he would tap his feet and beat desks in class to Reggae rhythms. He soon became the show’s star at church and school events, bagging some awards along the way. Although he never thought he would become a musician, his father’s introduction to Reggae music sparked his passion, and he soon realized that music was an integral part of his life.


Educational Background of Flybhoss

Flybhoss started his educational journey at Blessed Child Nursery School, where he was known for his fun-loving personality. He later enrolled at Providence School Limited, where he made friends who shared his passion for music. He continued his education at Koforidua Senior High Technical School (KSTS) and later proceeded to UNIMAC (NAFTI CAMPUS) to further his studies in Film Directing, where he is currently a talented and dedicated Level 300 student.

The Creative Process of Flybhoss


Flybhoss is a gifted songwriter with a unique creative process that sets him apart from other artists. He has an innate ability to come up with catchy hooks as soon as he hears a beat, which he uses as a foundation for his songwriting. He is particularly drawn to harmonious melodies, which he believes help to create the right vibe for his music. He constantly experiments with new sounds, beats, and melodies to create something fresh and unique, ensuring that his fans are always kept on their toes.

Flybhoss’ Tracks

Flybhoss has two officially released tracks, “SuperFly Phlow,” produced by the brilliant Yung Wave in 2020, and “Dem Dun,” produced by the talented Steambrain Productions in the same year. His debut single, “Dem Dun,” is a testament to his unrelenting spirit in the face of adversity on his musical journey. “SuperFly Phlow” showcases his super fly attitude and the reasons why he is the boss of all bosses. He also has a music video for “SuperFly Phlow,” directed by Gabbie Ocean in 2022, which flaunts his unique style and charisma.

Empowering the Youth


On December 29th, 2022, Flybhoss graced the stage of Teensrave, where he was all about empowering the youth through fashion, music, and dance.

Words of Wisdom from Flybhoss

Flybhoss advises his Flyyute (fans) always to be true to themselves, no matter what, and to understand that nothing good comes easy. He encourages them to put in the work and pray for the best. With his dedication to his craft, Flybhoss continues to captivate and inspire his growing fan base.

He is out with a brand single hit ahead of his ALBUM titled All Abow Me , which talks about his musical journey from his early recording days, his struggles faced on the journey, and the future that awaits him.

Produced by Evill Nas (2022)

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