Meet Zakaria, the Cyclist Making Waves as He Rides for Chef Faila’s Cooking Marathon

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In a remarkable start to the new year, renowned Ghanaian chef and restaurant owner, Faila Abdul Razak, has embarked on an official Guinness World Record attempt for the longest cooking marathon by an individual.

The ambitious event has become the talk of the town, attracting numerous fans and top personalities who have been flocking to Tamale’s Modern City Hotel, the venue for this extraordinary feat.

The buzz surrounding Faila’s culinary marathon took an unexpected turn when a cyclist named Zakari announced his unique plan to support the chef.

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Zakari revealed that he intends to pedal his way from Ashaiman to Tamale, covering a staggering distance of 601.8 kilometers.

Typically, the journey takes about 12 hours by bus, but Zakari, donning a T-shirt featuring Faila’s photo, has chosen a more unconventional method to show his support.

Meet Zakaria, the Cyclist Making Waves as He Rides for Chef Faila's Cooking Marathon

As news of the cyclist’s extraordinary endeavor spread, it sparked conversations among netizens who marveled at the dedication and creativity displayed in backing Faila Abdul Razak’s cook-a-thon.

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The intersection of sports and culinary arts in this collaborative effort has added an exciting dimension to the already captivating Guinness World Record attempt.

Faila Abdul Razak’s determination to set a new record, combined with the unexpected support from Zakari the cyclist, has turned this cooking marathon into a national spectacle, captivating the hearts and imaginations of Ghanaians from all walks of life.

The fusion of culinary excellence and an adventurous spirit on display in Tamale has set the stage for an unforgettable start to the year 2024.

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