Modern Gospel Awards: Nominees Unveiled and Voting begins for the 2023 Awards

By Philip NeeWhang 4 Min Read

The Modern Gospel Awards, or MOGA Awards, a much-anticipated occasion in the gospel music sector, recently conducted its nominee unveiling ceremony on May 27, 2023 at The Empowered Church in Asiahmah Junction, Santa Maria.

As musicians, business people, and fans gathered to honor the great talent within the gospel music genre, the event featured a spectacular line-up of gifted performers who have made noteworthy contributions to the gospel music field.

The unveiling ceremony showcased a diverse range of categories, including Gospel Artist of the Year, African Artist of the Year, International Artist of the Year, and many more, with each highlighting the outstanding contributions of gospel artists from around the world.

With the unveiling now complete, fans and enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the commencement of voting on June 4th, 2023. This article explores the successful unveiling of the Modern Gospel Awards nominees and the exciting prospects of the upcoming voting process.

The nominees revealed at the unveiling ceremony showcase the modern gospel music industry’s vitality and inventiveness. Famous performers like Piesie Esther, Obaapa Christy, Joyce Blessing, and Perez Musik became strong candidates in a number of categories, showcasing their remarkable ability and unwavering dedication to using music to promote the message of hope and faith.

Promising rookies who have drawn the interest of fans of gospel music with their distinctive vocal ranges and avant-garde musical idioms were also included in the nominee lineup, significantly enhancing the genre.

Anticipation Builds for Voting

The voting process allows music lovers to actively participate in recognizing and honouring the remarkable achievements of gospel musicians. By voting, individuals can make their voices heard and contribute to the growth and development of the modern gospel music scene by ensuring that their favourite musical artist wins.

How to Vote

Voting for the Modern Gospel Awards is accessible and user-friendly, ensuring maximum participation from music enthusiasts worldwide. The awards organizers have established an online platform where fans can cast their votes easily and securely.

Visit: Kampaign-Live or dial *365*300# and follow the prompt for offline mobile phone users, a vote costs Ghs1.00.

The platform provides a comprehensive list of categories and nominees, enabling voters to make informed decisions based on their musical preferences and appreciation for gospel music. Additionally, the voting process will be open for a specified period, allowing ample time for fans to participate and support their favourite artists.

The Future of Gospel Music

The Modern Gospel Awards serve as a platform to further the genre’s future while also honoring the accomplishments of gospel musicians. By recognizing and honoring exceptional performers, the awards promote healthy competition within the gospel music business and spur originality.

While providing a platform for the recognition of both up-and-coming and established gospel artists in Ghana and around the world, the announcement of the nominee lineup and the subsequent voting process encourage fans and industry professionals to engage with gospel music and contribute to its continued growth and success.

The Modern Gospel Awards is officially sponsored by Nsiah Automobiles and powered by Premaf Consult and Kampaignlive. TrenderHQ also adds to their online partners.

More information about the wards can be retrieved via Modern Gospel Awards.

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