COVID-19: Mr Ibu Says Coronavirus is a Scam In Nigeria, See His Reasons
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COVID-19: Mr Ibu Says Coronavirus is a Scam In Nigeria, See His Reasons

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COVID-19: Mr Ibu Says He Don’t Care About Coronavirus, Coronavirus is a Scam In Nigeria

Popular Nigerian actor and comedian, John Ikechukwu Okafor, a.k.a Mr. Ibu has shared his view on the deadly Coronavirus pandemic, he said that he doesn’t even care about it. He explains below.

As of the close of Wednesday, July 15, 2020, Nigeria’s NCDC reported that the country has recorded 643 new cases of COVID-19 and now bringing the total to 34,259. with 13,999 persons recovered and discharged, whiles 760 lives have been lost.

The actor, in a recent interview with Nigerian newspaper, “The Nation” said that the reason why he doesn’t care about the respiratory disease is because he believes that COVID-19 is not yet in the country.

COVID-19: Mr Ibu Says Coronavirus is a Scam In Nigeria, See His Reasons
Nigerian Comic Actor: Mr Ibu

According to him, he believes that the deadly pandemic which is claiming countless lives, Coronavirus is a scam in Nigeria as it does not exist.

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He explained further, saying he always been move around from one community to another but is yet to hear from a a single soul who will say they known a member of their own who has been infected or has been killed by it. Which is a clear reason why he think nothing of that sort exists.

He therefore pleaded with the authorities to speak the truth, asked that a picture at least of an infected person should be released to the public so that they the citizens will try their best to locate the family of the infected person to hear for themselves.

“Nigeria, we are not supposed to be involved in this COVID-19, I see no reason why we should be involved. Only Nigerians in diaspora will have to partake in this devilish program.

We at home are oblivious, we are not supposed to be involved in any ceremony in trying to pretend or in trying to avoid. My brother, COVID-19 or 20 is not here, I don’t care.

Why would China give us sickness and America embellish the technicality and then sell it to the world and people now begin to die when they know it’s killing. Thank God we have hot weather, the thing sef dey fear us.”

Speaking further, the actor said “I no dey fear anything I dey wear cloth waka on my own. Nothing dey here, nobody don die for this whole area, if you go another area nobody don die, go to stadium nobody don die. Let’s be sorry for ourselves.

“I’m telling everybody not just the government this, say only what you know do not exaggerate it. Na we dey take our mouth call sickness by im own, sickness dey pass on its own but na we dey call am for Nigeria. You won’t see COVID-19 because it’s not here.”

On the rising numbers of cases of COVID-19 in Nigeria and activities of the NCDC, Mr Ibu said, “You know anybody?

Have you ever attended any burial and they say na this thing kill am? have you ever gone to the hospital them say this person na Covid dey hold am? have you ever seen a family them say somebody na Covid na em kill am yesterday for family wey you know? You cannot, dem say dem say na em me and you dey hear. Even the sickness dey fear us.

“Are they not human beings, let them bring a picture of at least one person killed by COVID-19 and we find the family of such a person.

COVID whatever is not in Nigeria, we have hot weather here, the disease is scared of us just as we are scared of it so it can’t come here.

It has affected so many industries in the country, it has driven us away from work because of the lies and gossip. Na small thing e remain hunger for don kill me since if no be say better people dey wey dey give us money.”

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