My Cousin Took Advantage Of My Depression And Slept With Me : Abena Korkor

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Abena Korkor, a Ghanaian media celebrity and mental health activist, has delivered yet another bombshell on her sexual exploits.

Abena Korkor is well-known for her shady sexual encounters with some of society’s most powerful men.

Some of the individuals she has listed are public figures from the media or other government sectors.

Abena Korkor recently stated in one of the videos she posted in an interview that she had slept with over 100 men and that she has no regrets.

My Cousin Took Advantage Of My Depression And Slept With Me Abena Korkor
Abena Korkor

She went on to say that if boys can brag about how many girls they’ve slept with, then women can do the same.

In a separate interview with Adom FM, Abena Korkor revealed that her cousin Albert Serebo Hyeh-Hanson, better known as Ball J Beat, a prominent rapper and sound engineer, exploited her.

Ball J Beat was compassionate to Abena Korkor, according to her, and she would turn to him whenever she was angry, depressed, or heartbroken.

When she went to visit Ball J for help, she said that he took advantage of her predicament and slept with her.

“I’m not naming names for the sake of clout; I’m fighting for ladies who are abused by some men, as well as the future generation.”

Watch the video below:


So guys, what are your thoughts on Abena Korkor’s Claims that ‘My Cousin Took Advantage Of My Depression And Slept With Me’ ?

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