Netflix, Filmmakers Sued by Woman Featured in Kanye West’s ‘jeen-yuhs’ Documentary

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Netflix, Coodie Simmons, and Chike Ozah are facing legal action brought forth by a woman from Chicago who is claiming that the film brought up her past life in an unwelcome manner.

According to TMZ, a woman who appeared in the Kanye West documentary, “jeen-yuhs,” is suing Netflix and the film’s directors, Coodie Simmons and Chike Ozah, for allegedly exploiting her.

The film documents West’s career over the span of 20 years, featuring early footage of the rapper.

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The Chicago woman, Cynthia Love, claims that she had changed her life over the past 18 years since working with Kanye and that the film has triggered memories of a past she has long since moved on from.

In legal documents, Love says she made a cameo appearance in Kanye’s 2003 music video “Through the Wire,” where she was paid $20 to dance in a restaurant for the Coodie and Chike-directed visuals.

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However, Love claims that she was in an “altered state and not capable of providing consent” at the time of filming, and furthermore, the extended cut of the restaurant scene has adversely impacted her reputation and caused emotional distress. Love says that many of her friends and family were unaware of her past and the documentary has forced her to confront it.

Love also alleges that Coodie informed her son via text message that he assumed she had died and therefore never tried to locate her ahead of the documentary’s release. Love is seeking a minimum of $30,000 in damages.

This lawsuit comes as yet another example of the importance of obtaining consent in the entertainment industry and respecting individuals’ rights to privacy and a clean slate.

The aftermath of the release of “jeen-yuhs” has left a bitter taste for Love, who now seeks justice for the emotional trauma she has endured.

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