Patapaa Disappointed In Stonebwoy For Relasing His Type Of Song Without Permission: Watch Video

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Patapaa disappointed in Stonebwoy for releasing his type of song without seeking for permission first.

Ghanaian musical artiste, Justice Amoah popularly known as Patapaa in the showbiz scene has expressed his level of disappointment in Stonebwoy in a recent interview, watch video below.

The artiste was on UTV’s “The Real News” show, hosted by Akrobetu, aka who knows tomorrow, and he was asked questions about the trending putuu term and song and what his views are on it.

First of all for those of you who still have no clue, Putuu is the new trending freestyle party song released by the Bhimantion president Stonebwoy released few days ago and it has received a lot of bashing here and there. Some classifying it as a trashy song which makes no sense and also a Patapaa kind of song. [Download Stonebwoy Putuu Soong Here].

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According to the One Corner hit maker, the dancehall artiste 1Gad didn’t try, saying that he should have at least contacted he [Patapaa] to inform him he wanted to release his type of song and that too to feature him.

Eiish, hmm asem oo. i did not know Patapeezy really owned that type of style, just very interesting charley buh how for do? Just watch video below.

Patapeezy, when he released his Skopatumana song was bashed heavily by fans and music lovers all over for releasing a trashy song which has no meaning, even though he claimed he was speaking in tongues.

He also stated that he has for some time now been working on releasing some commercial songs which will serve his critics he still got some good vibes in him, but what he couldn’t understand was that, why a whole established dancehall artiste, will jump into releasing the Patapeezy type of song a style criticized by many and that even he Patapa was trying to leave behind, saying if Stone could do that then it means the Patapeezy style is good enough and he should still mentain it.

He also asked that Stonebwoy come out and explain to him and the general public what exactly his term “PUTUU” means.

Patapaa has also released a remix version of Stonebwoy’s Putuu song and it featured a rapper called Botie who also added a bit of touch to it. [DOWNLOAD SONG HERE]

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Waatch Video on Townflex showing Patapaa Disappointed In Stonebwoy

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