Pep Guardiola’s Message to Man United, Vows to Secure FA Cup trophy to keep treble dream alive

By Xorkpe Sosu 5 Min Read

Pep Guardiola shares a Message to Supporters of Both Manchester United and Manchester City Ahead of the FA Cup Final this Saturday.

Pep Guardiola Acknowledges Manchester United’s Motivation to End Manchester City’s Treble Aspirations on Saturday but Emphasizes the Need for Equal Desire at Wembley to Preserve their 1999 Achievement.

Manchester City, having secured the Premier League title, are now just two games away from matching the treble achieved by Sir Alex Ferguson’s remarkable Manchester United side.

However, Guardiola urges the current United squad to rise to the occasion and match their rivals’ level of determination in the FA Cup final. The outcome of the match could potentially halt City’s treble pursuit.

Adding intrigue to the anticipation, United midfielder Bruno Fernandes acknowledged the concerns among their fans regarding City’s potential treble triumph this season.

Responding to Fernandes’ remarks, Guardiola expressed his complete understanding of the United midfielder’s comments.

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However, he emphasized that if United aims to defeat City and back their words with actions, they will need to elevate their performance to a higher level.

Guardiola recognized the significance of the challenge that lies ahead for United in order to match their words with on-field success against City.

Bruno Fernandes had said: “We know the story of our club and that the fans don’t want City to do that. We know if we win the trophy, the consequence of that is Man City cannot do the treble anymore. But from the players’ side, it is just about winning the game because we want to win a trophy for ourselves, the club, the fans. That is it.”

Pep Guardiola’s respond: “I didn’t speak with Bruno Fernandes and company to know exactly the reason why it means more to them, the emotional reason why they are going to play the final. I don’t know.”

“I could understand it, it belongs to them. That’s normal. Sport is like that. Records will be broken.”

“That belongs to us. We don’t want anyone else to do it.’ So its normal, that feeling. It’s completely understandable. But it’s a football game, who will be better will win.”

While Manchester United fans are eager to secure victory in the final to prevent City from achieving the treble, it is equally true that City fans are determined to dismiss United and sustain their treble aspirations.

Guardiola, however, had a word of caution for his own supporters, while also pledging his utmost efforts to secure the cup for them.

He acknowledged the fervor among City fans but reminded them to approach the match with focus and determination.

Guardiola assured his supporters that he would leave no stone unturned in his quest for victory in the cup final.

“For City fans? Yeah [it’s big]. Definitely. But they have fun these years and this season,” Guardiola said.

“I will ask to our fans, behave properly first and secondly go there to enjoy an incredible event. The players will give everything to beat Man United.”

“The consequences and the result, who knows it. I don’t know it. Erik ten Hag doesn’t know it, so it’s going to be a football game.”

“Enjoy the moment. When the people travel and unfortunately with the train strikes still, and enjoy and enjoy next week to prepare the [Champions League] final, dream to see the team. It’s the best way.”

“It’s a football game, everything can happen. We will do everything to beat United.”

“I understand completely for City fans were in the shadow for decades, behind United, play the first time in the history of the FA Cup a final against them.”

“Try to do the best game as possible. Have fun, enjoy the right portion of beers before the game and that’s all and enjoy it.”

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