The Big Reveal: Pete Davidson Finally Addresses His Manhood Size!

By Riddy10 3 Min Read

American comedian, Pete Davidson has finally spoken out about the much-debated topic of his manhood size, five years after his ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande publicly declared he had “Big D**k Energy” (BDE).

In an appearance on The Breakfast Club, Pete was asked about the size of his penis, to which he responded, “It’s a very normal-sized penis. It’s like, you know, not too big or too small. Just like… I don’t understand that.”

He went on to reveal that former partners have described it as “big enough to enjoy but not big enough for it to hurt.” With this statement, the mystery behind his BDE has finally been put to rest.

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The term “Big Dk Energy” became popular in 2018 when Ariana Grande was asked about the length of her song titled “Pete Davidson” on her Sweetener album.

In response, she jokingly stated, “like 10 inches? … oh fk… I mean… like a lil over a minute.” This led to the creation of the phrase BDE and sparked speculation about Pete’s manhood size.

Pete and Ariana’s relationship ended in mid-October 2018, just five months after they got engaged. Since then, the comedian has been linked to several high-profile women, including Kate Beckinsale, Kaia Gerber, and Kim Kardashian.

The Big Reveal: Pete Davidson Finally Addresses His Manhood Size!

Most recently, he has been in a relationship with actress Chase Sui Wonders. Pete’s love life has been the subject of much tabloid speculation over the years, with many wondering about the reasons behind his many romantic dalliances.

Now that he has finally addressed the mystery behind his BDE, fans can rest easy knowing the truth about his manhood size. Despite the many rumors and speculations, it turns out that Pete is just like any other guy, with a “normal-sized” penis.

It remains to be seen whether this revelation will have any impact on his future relationships or the public’s perception of him.

For now, it seems that Pete Davidson has put the speculation about his manhood size to rest once and for all.

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