Pope Francis Denounces Surrogacy as “Despicable” and Calls for Global Ban

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In a stern foreign policy address, Pope Francis condemned surrogate motherhood as a “despicable” practice, urging a universal ban on its commercialization of pregnancy.

The pontiff’s impassioned plea was delivered during his annual speech to ambassadors accredited to the Holy See, traditionally a platform for addressing global conflicts and injustices.

During the address, Pope Francis emphasized the need to prevent unborn children from becoming “objects of trafficking” and decried surrogate motherhood as a grave violation of the dignity of both women and children.

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He asserted that the practice exploits the material needs of mothers and denounced the use of children as the basis for commercial contracts. The Pope called for a global ban on surrogacy to curb this exploitative practice.

Pope Francis Denounces Surrogacy as "Despicable" and Calls for Global Ban

The Catholic leader has previously referred to surrogacy as “uterus for rent,” aligning with the stance of some European countries, including Spain and Italy, where the practice is prohibited.

The Vatican’s doctrine office on church teaching, while opposing surrogacy, clarified that children of homosexual parents who opt for surrogacy are eligible for baptism.

This development comes in the wake of the Vatican, under Pope Francis’ explicit approval, permitting the blessing of same-sex couples, highlighting a shift in the Church’s approach to certain aspects of family dynamics.

As the Catholic Church takes a stand against surrogacy, it raises questions about the intersection of reproductive technology, morality, and church doctrine on a global scale.

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