ASEM! Pregnant woman goes into labour suddenly while waiting to access her money at ATM

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In a heartbreaking incident that has gone viral on social media, a pregnant woman in Nigeria went into labor while waiting in line at an unnamed bank.

Witnesses reported that the woman had been waiting for hours to access her money when she suddenly went into labor.

Video footage shows the pregnant woman lying on the ground in pain, while other customers and helpful strangers rushed to her aid. She was eventually carried to a nearby hospital by Good Samaritans who were at the bank at the time.

The incident has sparked outrage on social media, with many Nigerians expressing their concern over the lack of support for pregnant women in public spaces. Some have criticized those who recorded the woman in labor rather than offering to help her.


S_airemen, a Twitter user, wrote, “Most worrisome part is that she had to be shielded from people who rather than seek every possible opportunity to help, wanted to record a woman in labour pains. We all need to rethink our priorities.”

Others have called for pregnant women and other vulnerable groups to be given priority access to essential services such as banks, hospitals, and supermarkets.

In a statement, the Nigerian government expressed its condolences to the pregnant woman and her family, and promised to investigate the incident.

Unfortunately, incidents like this are not uncommon in Nigeria, where pregnant women often face significant challenges in accessing healthcare and other essential services.


Many women are forced to give birth at home due to a lack of access to hospitals or midwives, which can lead to complications and even death.

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This incident is a stark reminder of the urgent need for Nigeria to improve its healthcare infrastructure and provide better support for vulnerable groups. Pregnant women, in particular, should be given priority access to healthcare services and essential goods, including food, water, and medical supplies.

We hope that this incident will serve as a wake-up call for the Nigerian government and society as a whole, and that steps will be taken to ensure that pregnant women and other vulnerable groups receive the support and care they need and deserve.