Pregnant Woman Narrates How Her Boyfriend Dumped Her After He Found Out She Has 4 Children With Different Men

By Riddy10 3 Min Read

In a heartbreaking tale of love and betrayal, a 22-year-old woman named Josephine shared her emotional journey on a Nigerian Facebook group.

Josephine, who is six months pregnant with twins, narrated how her boyfriend, a truck driver, dumped her after she revealed that she already had four children with different fathers.

Josephine recounted how she initially resisted her boyfriend’s pleas to have a baby, as she believed he was sincere about their future together.

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However, when he showered her with a significant amount of money a few months ago, she began to see a promising future with him. He even promised to marry her once they had children.

Sadly, Josephine’s happiness turned to sorrow when she decided to disclose her past and the existence of her four other children to her boyfriend after finding out about her pregnancy.

His reaction was far from what she had hoped for. Instead of understanding her situation, he shouted at her, belittled her, and referred to her as derogatory names, causing her immense pain.

Feeling abandoned and devastated, Josephine shared how her boyfriend cut off all communication with her, even blocking her on social media platforms. She expressed her distress and worry about the impact this heartbreak is having on her other children, as they can sense her sadness.

“I am so stressed and sad. My kids can see that I am worried. I am even worried about my twins. I need to help myself and forget about this man, but now I can’t. Help me, guys,” pleaded Josephine, seeking support from the online community.

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Her story highlights the struggles faced by many young mothers in complex family situations. It sheds light on the challenges of single parenting and societal stigmas associated with having children from different relationships.

In response to Josephine’s heart-wrenching account, members of the Facebook group showed empathy and offered words of comfort and encouragement. Many encouraged her to focus on her well-being and that of her children, reminding her that she deserves love and respect.

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