Edochie Family Feud: Rita Edochie Slams Nephew Yul Edochie’s Video Evidence

By Riddy10 3 Min Read

In a recent turn of events, the Edochie family feud has taken center stage in the media as veteran Nollywood actress Rita Edochie publicly criticized her nephew, Yul Edochie.

The actor, who previously made headlines with a candid interview distancing himself from Judy Austin, has now shifted his focus towards his father, Pete Edochie.

Yul claimed that the video he shared on his Facebook profile holds the key to the complete story, but Rita Edochie insists that it lacks substantial evidence.

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The video in question features Judy Austin, visibly pregnant at the time, meeting with Pete Edochie, which Yul believes to be the starting point of the entire situation.

However, Rita Edochie dismisses the video as insignificant, questioning its validity as evidence.

“Many people don’t know the real story. The real story will come out soon. Chief Pete Edochie, Judy Austin, Yul Edochie. This is how it all started,” Yul expressed on his Facebook page.

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In response, Rita Edochie took to her Instagram page to air her grievances, ridiculing Yul for relying on what she deems a flimsy piece of evidence. She went further to imply that Yul and Judy would continue to explain themselves without providing substantial proof.

“No evidence, you all will keep explaining. The Drama Devil was chosen with the help of hired Ogbommanu workers in Onitsha. So please, since when did pictures become evidence, you will see evidence,” Rita rebutted.

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As the public waits for further developments, the Edochie family drama continues to unfold, leaving fans and followers puzzled over the real truth behind the longstanding feud. The controversy surrounding the family has sparked debates across social media, with people expressing their opinions on the matter.

The Edochie family is renowned for their contributions to Nollywood, with both Pete and Yul Edochie enjoying successful careers in the Nigerian film industry. However, with this latest feud, their personal lives have taken the spotlight, leaving fans divided and seeking answers.

While both sides are vocal about their perspectives, it remains to be seen if any concrete evidence will surface to shed light on the matter. Until then, the Edochie family remains embroiled in a saga that continues to captivate the attention of many.

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