Sahara Group Strengthens Downstream Business with Strategic Leadership Appointments

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Sahara Group, an international energy and infrastructure conglomerate, has recently announced a series of strategic appointments aimed at propelling the expansion of the group’s downstream business across Africa.

With a robust presence in the continent’s energy sector, these new appointments signal a strong commitment to enhancing operational efficiency, supporting sustainable projects, and alleviating energy poverty in Africa.

Key Leadership Appointments

Foluso Sobanjo has been appointed as the company’s Head: Africa Downstream, bringing a wealth of experience and strategic vision to steer the company’s downstream operations across the continent.

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Yaa Serwaa Alifo steps in as Head: Sahara Downstream in Ghana, ensuring the company’s objectives align with Ghana’s energy needs and developmental goals.

Nomnso Dike has taken on the role of CEO of Sahara Group’s Nigerian subsidiary Asharami Synergy Limited, and Yvette Selormey has been appointed as Country Manager of Sahara Group’s Zambian subsidiary Asharami Energy Resources Limited.

AEC’s Endorsement

The African Energy Chamber (AEC) has lauded Sahara Group’s efforts not only in strengthening its downstream operations but also in building a leadership team committed to tackling energy poverty in Africa.

These appointments are anticipated to usher in a new era of growth and infrastructure development, with the AEC eager to see the fruition of new projects spearheaded by Sahara Group.

Sahara Group’s Impact on Africa’s Energy Sector

As one of Africa’s largest private power businesses, Sahara Group has made significant strides in developing downstream infrastructure in Africa.

The company operates numerous power generation and distribution assets throughout sub-Saharan Africa, facilitating trade, energy distribution, and supporting economic growth. Currently, Sahara Group boasts over 1,861 MW of installed power generation capacity and aims to expand this to over 5,000 MW by 2026.

Notable Projects and Initiatives

In 2024, Sahara Group installed 15 wind turbines at the Egbin Power Plant in Nigeria. These turbines are set to enhance power supply while reducing emissions within the generation industry.

In a commendable social initiative, the group installed 24 solar panels and 24 batteries at an orphanage in Senegal in 2023, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and community support.

Advancing Sustainable Energy Solutions

Sahara Group, through its various subsidiaries, promotes sustainable oil and gas solutions to meet Africa’s energy needs.

Asharami Synergy PLC, one of the group’s prominent arms, has over two decades of expertise in the downstream industry and has become a leading supplier of aviation fuel in West Africa.

The company supplies 24% of Nigeria’s aviation fuel and a significant portion of the country’s premium motor spirit demand.

Investment in LPG Vessels

Furthering its commitment to sustainable energy, Sahara Group has invested $142 million in two LPG vessels in Nigeria. Each valued at $71 million, these vessels have significantly enhanced the group’s capacity to deliver reliable and sustainable access to LPG in the country.

This move supports the adoption of market-based regimes in Africa to foster gas development, reinforcing Sahara Group’s position as a key player in the region’s energy sector.

Commitment to Capacity Building and Skills Development

Sahara Group has demonstrated a strong commitment to capacity building and skills development. In May 2024, the group collaborated with Nigeria’s Pan-Atlantic University to drive human capital development in the power sector.

This partnership focuses on knowledge exchange and engineering programs to support power-related skills development. Additionally, Sahara Group partnered with the University of Lagos to bolster research in renewable energy and foster entrepreneurship.

The new leadership team is expected to play a crucial role in supporting these educational initiatives. By investing in training the next generation of energy entrepreneurs, Sahara Group aims to ensure the sustainability and growth of Africa’s energy sector.

Sahara Group’s strategic appointments and robust initiatives underscore its commitment to advancing Africa’s downstream energy sector. By fostering sustainable projects, building a competent leadership team, and investing in capacity building, Sahara Group is well-positioned to drive significant growth and development across the continent. As Africa continues to evolve in the energy landscape, Sahara Group’s efforts will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping a sustainable and prosperous future.

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