Sana Khan And Anas Saiyad Are Expecting Their First Child

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Indian businesswoman and former actress, Saiyad Sana Khan and her husband Mufti Anas Saiyad are expecting their first child.

The former actress announced her Pregnancy during a recent interview with Iqra TV where she also shared that she will be due for delivery around the end of June.


When questioned about her thoughts on motherhood, she responded by saying “It would be really nice. I’m eagerly anticipating it as it’s a completely different experience. As a woman, there are a lot of emotional ups and downs, but I believe it’s a wonderful journey. I can’t wait to hold my baby in my arms, that’s all.”

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Sana added that the journey of motherhood has been emotionally challenging for her, but she still views it as a beautiful experience.

Sana Khan also clarified that she is not expecting twins, “Nahi nahi… single hi hai abhi toh (No, I’m not expecting twins). I think slowly and steadly.”

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In the beginning of February, Sana Khan performed Umrah and posted on social media with a message suggesting an upcoming announcement. She wrote, “Alhamdulillah, I’m very very happy. This Umrah is particularly special for some reason, which I will Insha’Allah (God willing) share with everyone soon. May Allah make it easy.”

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Following her marriage to Mufti Anas Saiyad in 2020, Sana Khan retired from the entertainment industry.

In terms of her career, Sana began as a model and went on to act in numerous films across five regional languages, including Hindi and Tamil. Her debut in Bollywood was with the 2005 movie Yehi Hai High Society, and she has also appeared in films like Jai Ho and Halla Bol, among others. However, she gained widespread recognition after her participation in the reality show Bigg Boss 6.

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