Shocking! See how much Abena Korkor charges for having s3x with guys

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Nana Abena Korkor, the Ghanaian mental health campaigner and media figure, has disclosed how much she costs after having $ex with guys.

Abena Korko has been trending on social media for a few days after releasing Nak3d pictures of herself displaying important bodily regions.

On Wednesday afternoon, the socialite wreaked havoc on social media by releasing the photographs on her page.

While some believe she is suffering from a mental disorder, others believe she purposely shared the images in order to gain clout or attention.

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Abena Korkor stated in a recent interview with blogger Zion Felix that she used to charge up to $50,000 for a one-night fling with any man who wanted her that desperately.

Also, for those who just want to hang out with her, change $1,000.

Abena believes she is entitled to all of the money she receives from these men because she believes she was created beautifully by God.

She made it clear that she charges her customers for sleeping with her because she believes dating them would be a waste of time and that the money she receives might be put to better use.

Abena also revealed that the majority of the guys who can afford to pay her fees are Nigerian men, who enjoy spending, but Ghanaian men are frugal and unwilling to spend.

She did reveal, however, that she has quit sleeping with guys for money and is now looking for true love.

Watch the full interview below:

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