Slater Vance: Who Is He? And Why did He Apologise To Michael B. Jordan?

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As of January 2, 2023, Slater Vance has more than 5000 Instagram followers.

One of the rapper’s best-selling albums, Journey 2 Forever, was released in September 2021.

He was delivered by a surrogate in California on January 27, 2006.

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Additionally, Slater and his fraternal twin Bronwyn Vance were born nine years after their parents, Courtney B. Vance and Angela Bassett, tied the knot.

Once, Angela acknowledged that because her son is African-American and has been since preschool, discrimination has affected him.

Fans of Black Panther actress Angela Bassett recently expressed their outrage on social media about the widely spread Michael B. Jordan death hoax that Slater Vance pulled on his mother.

Slater Vance apologized to Michael B. Jordan for what, exactly?

Slater Vance: Who Is He? And Why did He Apologise To Michael B. Jordan?

The trend on TikTok where users are making up celebrity deaths to play practical jokes on other users has attracted the son of Angela Bassett.

In the TikTok video shared on December 31, it appeared as though his parents were getting ready to leave the house to go somewhere when he pulled the prank, shocking everyone in his family.

Speechless, the American Horror Story actress went over to ask her child to confirm it.

The two are reportedly good friends, so the 64-year-old actress was shocked to learn of Jordan’s alleged transgression.

In the midst of the backlash, the young celebrity came out to offer the movie star an unequivocal apology.

Soon after posting the joke video, Slater removed it from his TikTok account and expressed regret for participating in this “destructive” trend.

Moreover, Michael B. Jordan’s family received an apology from him as well.

Jordan, according to Slater, is his hero, and participating in this prank was “totally insulting” to him.

In light of this, he stated:

“I don’t wish any bad ramifications of my actions upon his family nor my parents as they deserve none of the backlashes.

I own this was a mistake and I hope this can be a teaching lesson to anyone else who uses social media as a tool and a source of entertainment to truly understand that your actions can have consequences that extend beyond you.”


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