Smuggling Scandal: Ghana Customs Intercepts 6,000 Mobile Gadgets

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In a significant operation, the Customs Monitoring Team at the Eastern Corridor has successfully intercepted a substantial haul of smuggled goods, including 11,200 pieces of wax prints and 6,000 mobile gadgets.

These seizures were made by traders attempting to evade taxes and duties, leading to substantial financial losses for the country.


The illicit consignment of wax prints was discovered at the Dabala border post in the Volta region during routine spot checks carried out by the officials of the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority.

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The trader responsible for the wax prints had intentionally under-declared the goods to avoid paying the required taxes.

The value of the taxes evaded on the wax prints alone amounted to approximately ¢1.3 million, presenting a significant loss to the nation’s revenue.

Smuggling Scandal: Ghana Customs Intercepts 6,000 Mobile Gadgets

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The situation becomes even more alarming considering the economic challenges that governments face.

Simultaneously, another operation at the Juapong Check Point led to the interception of 6,000 mobile phones and tablets. The authorities are currently assessing the total value of these seized electronic devices.

Dari Abdallah, the officer in charge of the Eastern Corridor Monitoring Team, emphasized that the total duties and penalties expected to be paid on the intercepted wax prints amount to around ¢2.6 million.

He revealed that the smugglers had significantly underreported the value of their goods, with only ¢25,000 declared for the entire consignment, thereby necessitating further inspection and eventual interception.


Emmanuel Parker, the second-in-command at the Aflao Border checkpoint, highlighted the urgent need for more resources and personnel to support the border officials in their ongoing efforts to combat duty evasion.

Parker pointed out that porous borders and increased trade with Togo presented particular challenges, making it essential to enhance border security.

In response to this operation, the Ghana Revenue Authority is conducting an evaluation to determine the appropriate penalties and duties to be imposed on the traders involved in the evasion of taxes and duties.

This marks a crucial step toward ensuring that the law is enforced and the country’s revenue is protected.

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