Some of The Ministers I Replaced During My Time Are Not Close Friends: Mahama

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John Mahama, the former president, has asserted that he generated enemies for himself after rearranging his cabinet during his presidency.

“I reorganized certain ministers throughout my tenure, and I know they weren’t happy about it.

No one likes to be fired from their job, thus a few of them are no longer my closest friends as a result,” he said while addressing students at the Academic City University College on the theme  “Thinking Critical Decisions in Decisive Moments as a Leader.”

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Former President John Mahama stated that in addition to employing reshuffles to obtain the best performance out of ministerial appointees, it is also utilized to make sure none of them become too entrenched in one place or too powerful to control.

Some of The Ministers I Replaced During My Time Are Not Close Friends: Mahama

Mr. Mahama, who is making a comeback, continued by saying: “After a while, take a look at the performance of your ministers, and based on their performance you must decide to drop some people and you can also decide to shift some people to other places”.

Furthermore, he added:

“They may be probably good but maybe they may not be finding their feet in the ministry you sent them and so after observing them for a year or two you see that this person will do better here because of certain qualities they have.

“Sometimes, you take decisions to move people because you don’t want them to create kingdoms in the Ministries in which they are.

When the staff of the ministry or the agency know that this person is untouchable then it does not bring out the best in them and it becomes like a fiefdom and that is what is happening today.”

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