Spiritual Benefits of Cassava leaves you should know

By Xorkpe Sosu 4 Min Read

Townflex Health brings you spiritual Benefits of Cassava leaves you should know.

Cassava leaves may not be only healthy addition to the diet that can help prevent cardiovascular disease, strokes, and cancer but also has so many spiritual Benefits.

Below are spiritual benefits of Cassava leaves you should know.

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1. Do you know Cassava leaves are used for Protection Against Gunshot, Accident And Evil?

Cassava Leaves is a solid protection against the above attacks.

How can one use cassava leaves to protect yourself from this attacks?

¡. Pluck seven (7) cassava leaves with your right hand.

ii. Tire the leaves around your right arm closer to the shoulder.

The ever powerful cassava leaves will provide spiritual protection against any gunshot and other attacks.

Chiefs in palanquins always have Cassava leaves around their arm to protect them against gunshot and also ward off evil spirit.

Cassava leaf on your right hand will also protect you from accidents and other misfortunes when travelling.

2. Do you know the leaves helps in Winning Court Cases?

Just follow these simple directions using cassava leaves and walk your way to victory.

i. Pluck seven (7) cassava leaves with your right hand.

ii. Put them together and place them under your right armpit with the right hand.

iii. Remove it and place it under your pillow when you get home. Sleep over it for a night.

iv. Remove it under the pillow and place it under your right armpit With your right hand.

v. Go to the court room with the cassava leaves under your armpit and trust me victory will surely be yours.

Many have tried this in the traditional society and it worked for them.

NOTE: Only those with a genuine case will be successful. Those who have been accused of something they didn’t do.

3. Do you know it delays Urine And Faeces?

Cassava leaves is normally used to stop urine and toilet when travelling on a long journey or in a public gathering.

How to Prepare this charm.

i. Pluck seven cassava leaves with your right hand.

ii. Gently rub it in your palm till you get a near-smooth texture

iii. Place the rubbed cassava leaves in your handkerchief and tie it around your waist or in your pocket.

This is what many chiefs and dignitaries use when they are in public gatherings and also brides and grooms use during their weddings.

This will delay urine and toilet until you release it.

4. Do you know cassava leaves is used to stop Bed-wetting??

Bed-wetting is not ordinary. Waste no time on orthodox medications if you have a child suffering from it.

It has a spiritual basis and as such needs a spiritual approach.

Just follow this simple direction to stop bed-wetting with cassava leaves.

i. Pluck three (3) cassava leaves and tire it around the waist of the bed-wetter.

ii. The child should sleep with it for three (3) days and the bed-wetting will be a thing of the past.

These are proven spiritual benefit which are being used by many herbal, plant medicine practitioners and people all across Africa.

You can also give the above instructions a shot and believe me, you won’t regret it.

Source: Flexhealthtips.com

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