Sweden declares sex as sport: Set to host first tournament on June 8

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Sweden has recently made a groundbreaking decision by officially acknowledging $ex as a sport and finalizing preparations for the highly anticipated inaugural $ex tournament, which is scheduled to kick off on Thursday, June 8.

In this unique event, participants will engage in daily sexual encounters that can span an impressive duration of up to six hours. It’s worth noting that this extended timeframe allows for a deep exploration of physical intimacy and connection.

According to Swedish local media, a distinguished panel of judges will assume the responsibility of determining the winners of this exciting $ex competition. However, what sets this tournament apart is the active involvement of the audience, who will also contribute their opinions and analytical insights to the selection process.

Dubbed the European $ex Championship, this groundbreaking event is scheduled to unfold over a six-week period. During this time, the participants will immerse themselves in daily sexual activity, with each session lasting between 45 minutes to one hour. The duration of each encounter will be tailored to accommodate the unique dynamics and preferences of the individuals involved.

The competition itself is divided into three levels, adding an extra layer of challenge for the contenders. In order to advance to the subsequent level, participants must achieve a specific minimum number of points at each stage. This ensures that only the most skillful and dedicated individuals progress towards the ultimate glory.

The scoring system of the $ex tournament is based on a scale of 5 to 10 points in each discipline. These points will be awarded through a combination of public votes and evaluations conducted by a distinguished panel of five judges. This comprehensive approach guarantees a fair and balanced assessment of the participants’ performance.

According to the report, the audience will play a crucial role as observers in the $ex competitions. Their attentive eyes will closely scrutinize various aspects of $exual activity, ranging from the chemistry between the participants to their profound understanding of the art of lovemaking. Additionally, the audience will keenly observe their endurance levels and other vital $exual attributes, all contributing to the determination of the ultimate victor.

Expressing his optimism, Dragan Bratych, the head of the Swedish Federation of Sex, hopes that $ex will eventually gain recognition as a sport worldwide. He emphasizes the importance of education in this domain and highlights the potential benefits that engaging in sexual activity can bring to one’s physical and mental well-being.

Bratych underlines the notion that, akin to any sport, excelling in sex necessitates training and honing of one’s skills. He asserts that this competition will inevitably pave the way for the evolution of this domain, highlighting its unique nature.

In this sport, the ultimate objective is to bring profound happiness and satisfaction to one’s partner. Unlike traditional sports, where losing often leads to disappointment, success in this game is determined by an individual’s ability to deeply fulfill their partner’s desires and needs.

Full Article taken from 20NewsHub.com, Read Here.

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