Tearful Kim Jong Un Begs Women to Give Birth to More Children (WATCH VIDEO)

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In a poignant display of emotion, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un broke down in tears during a National Mothers’ Meeting in Pyongyang, urging women to take responsibility for the country’s declining birth rate.

Addressing thousands of women in traditional garments, Kim emphasized the importance of preventing a decrease in birth rates and promoting good childcare as essential housekeeping duties.

Tearful Kim Jong Un Begs Women to Give Birth to More Children

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Kim Jong Un, seen wiping tears with a handkerchief, implored mothers to instill communist party values in their children, emphasizing the societal tasks they collectively face.

The event, the first National Mothers’ Meeting in over a decade, was organized in response to growing concerns about North Korea’s falling birth rate.

During his address, Kim referred to the meeting as “no less important than a party congress or a plenary meeting of the Party Central Committee,” highlighting the gravity of the situation.

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He outlined various tasks, including bringing up children to carry forward the revolution, eliminating non-socialist practices, and fostering family harmony.

The leader emphasized the pivotal role of mothers in tackling these challenges, positioning them as essential contributors to the nation’s common family affairs.

Tearful Kim Jong Un Begs Women to Give Birth to More Children

Reports suggest that North Korea’s last census in 2008 recorded a population of 24 million, with current estimates indicating a slight increase to 25.7 million.

Kim Jong Un’s tearful plea marks a significant moment in North Korean leadership, drawing attention to the urgency of addressing the country’s demographic concerns.

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