The Government of India Bans App Selling Muslim Women

By Prince Ubaha 4 Min Read

The police security force in India have banned a software application that is being used for selling Muslim women. This incident sums up the trend that been making headlines in recent months.

Two states in India were alerted of an app that showcases Muslim women for sale and according to the correspondents, the number surpasses a hundred.

In reaction to the report, the indian police immediately banned the software app and make several arrests as well. Some of the people arrested were the app’s twitter handles who shared the content to the general public and the software engineer behind the creation of the app.

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This event has been described as “horrible” by most of the women who were victims. Many of them claims that they were traumatised by the event and suggested that authorities should treat the matter as important.

The name of the software app in particular is Bulli Bai. This app was hosted on GitHub which has been shut after the event. GitHub is a strong hold in the Indian Hosting Market and it is used by many developers in the country.

Predictably, this ban is going to raise eyebrows in the coming days however, investigation is still on going. Moreover, do note that this is not the first time such incident have took place in the country.

A similar incident happened in July 2021 – barely 5 months ago. An app named “Sulli Deals” was developed to collect the profile of Muslim women – bringing them live on the internet.

Images were used in conjunction with the phrase; “deals of the day” for exclusivity. However, the police could not find any link that verified if sales was made hence the conclusion was that the app was meant for religious shaming.

Even in this current case, the police have not yet found a clue linking the advertised women to trading. Nevertheless, the security personnel has confirmed that the similar point worthy of note in these two cases is that the software app was designed to degrade Muslim woman as opposed to selling them.

Furthermore, the name of the app, “Sulli bulli”is an offensive statement in India to Muslim faithfuls. This is the major reason many of the victims do report these apps to the police whenever they see their images on it.

Also, few months ago, an Indian female journalist reported the app to the police but no proper action was taken. Even so, others have been doing the same thing but thankfully, this time around, the police have taken the bold move to stop the incident.

This is the statement made by one of the victims: “It is indeed disappointing to see the impunity with which such hate-mongers continue to target Muslims women, without fear of any sanction whatsoever,”

India has a fairly small population of Muslim worshippers and this incident goes to show the discouraging levels of religious bigotry in the Asian country.

Nevertheless, the action of the country’s police force is commendable. Muslim women are also encouraged to take a stand against this modern-day discrimination.

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