TikTok bans creator who buried himself alive

By Majesty 2 Min Read

Young Cent, a Nigerian content creator, was banned from TikTok after burying himself alive for a full day. 

The audacious deed attracted a great deal of attention on social media, inspiring in viewers a mixture of curiosity and alarm. 

Young Cent verified the legitimacy of the upcoming feat on his Instagram profile before to initiating the severe challenge. 

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But TikTok acted quickly, deactivating the performer’s account for breaking the community guidelines on the app. Young Cent’s account was restricted in response to the platform’s stringent guidelines on content that can endanger people’s safety or wellbeing. 

Young Cent spoke to his fans in a video that was uploaded to his new TikTok account soon after the contentious stunt concluded, following his ban. 

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In order to keep his followers informed about his whereabouts, he invited them to subscribe to his new channel, @youngcententertainment2. “It looks like my old TikTok account was deleted. 

I made a new one with the username @youngcententertainment2.” I beg of all of you to get in touch with me right away. In his plea, he said, “Help me reach a milestone of 1000 followers so I can start live updates and keep you all informed.

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