Trump blasts immigrants for taking jobs as he courts voters at a Black church, MAGA event in Detroit

Trump Blames Immigrants in Michigan Appeal to Black Voters and Conservatives

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Donald Trump accused immigrants of “stealing jobs and government resources” while addressing groups of Black voters and hardcore conservatives in Michigan on Saturday. The former president also made several new baseless claims attacking the nation’s voting system.

Trump’s fiery comments on illegal immigration, a staple of his message, connected his appearances in downtown Detroit. He aimed to unite a delicate political coalition at both a Black church and a group known to attract white supremacists.

“The people coming across the border — all those millions of people — they’re inflicting tremendous harm to our Black population and to our Hispanic population,” Trump told a cheering crowd of thousands of conservative activists in a convention hall.

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He referred to members of violent immigrant gangs as “animals,” not human beings. Trump’s diverse weekend schedule highlights the evolving political forces shaping the presidential election as he attempts to prevent Democratic President Joe Biden from securing a second term.

Few states are as pivotal as Michigan, which Biden won by less than 3 percentage points four years ago.

Black voters, crucial to Biden’s 2020 victory, are showing signs of disappointment with the 81-year-old Democrat. Trump, who turned 78 on Friday, is trying to exploit this opening.

Earlier, Trump visited the 180 Church, where he received a warm reception. Outside the modest brick building, signs read “Black Americans for Trump,” and rap music played while barbecue smoke filled the air.

“It’s a very important area for us,” Trump told the church crowd, which included many white people. He promised to return “some Sunday” for a sermon.

Trump claimed the Black community is “being hurt” by immigrants in the country illegally, stating, “They’re invading your jobs.” He reiterated this message later at the “People’s Convention” of Turning Point Action, a group linked to various extremists by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

Controversy Surrounds Trump’s Supporters

Nick Fuentes, a well-known white supremacist, attended the convention before being escorted out. His presence created political problems for Trump, who had a private lunch with Fuentes and the rapper formerly known as Kanye West in 2022.

Turning Point has become influential in GOP politics, especially among Trump’s “Make America Great Again” movement, despite the ADL’s warning about the group’s connections to racists. Turning Point spokesperson Andrew Kolvet dismissed the ADL’s characterization as “smears and lies,” stating the group has blocked Fuentes for “years.”

Meanwhile, Democrats criticized Trump’s presence at the convention. “Donald Trump is so dangerous for Michigan and dangerous for America and dangerous for Black people,” said Michigan Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist II. He called it “offensive” for Trump to speak at the same convention center that was “the epicenter of their steal the election effort” in 2020.

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