Trump team slams Biden’s Mother’s Day video as “sad, miserable, cowardly

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In a new campaign video, the Biden campaign calls on Americans to “Stop Trump” and uses Mother’s Day to attack former President Trump.

“Happy Mother’s Day to all of you. We at the Biden campaign are requesting that Americans provide a helping hand to the mothers in their life.

In a press statement, the Biden campaign stated, “Stop Trump.” “On Mother’s Day, a reminder: Donald Trump stands only for himself and not mothers across America and their families,” the Biden campaign says in the video. 

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The video declares, “The stakes of this election are high for all Americans, but especially moms across our country who would suffer under a second Trump term.”

Under Trump, their families would be ripped apart and their pregnancies will be able to be monitored by the government. 

The Biden campaign persisted in emphasising that “President Biden is trying to bring back his historic increased Child Tax Credit to provide families a little additional breathing room and assure paid leave for all Americans.

When outlining the reasons why people should choose Biden rather than Trump in the next election, the Biden team made many observations.

Trump team slams Biden's Mother's Day video as "sad, miserable, cowardly
Biden said Trump would devastate maternal health

In support of his claims that Trump “proudly separated mothers from their children,” that Trump believes women who have an abortion should face “some type of punishment,” and that Trump is to blame for families being refused access to reproductive treatments and for allowing states to monitor women’s pregnancies, he offered several arguments. 

Biden’s other points were that Trump would destroy maternal health and harm women nationwide by relentlessly trying to undermine and overturn the Affordable Care Act; Biden’s last point was that Trump’s proposed economic strategy would be a “inflation bomb,” driving up expenses for families and mothers. 

Moms are the backbone of families, and they should have a President they can trust to stand up for them, fight for their rights, and reduce their expenses. Joe Biden is President; Donald Trump wasn’t and isn’t,” the Biden campaign stated.

Trump’s staff retaliated against the president after seeing the new campaign video, labelling it as an offensive act, particularly on Mother’s Day. 

What a depressing, hopeless, and cowardly life On such a happy day, crooked Joe Biden and his team must have had to produce such an offensive advertisement. They evidently have Trump Derangement Syndrome, which makes their lives full of hatred, bitterness, and wrath.

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