Twene Jonas Is Alive: Clears Death Rumours In New Video

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After several rumors circulating about his death, Twene Jonas, the popular US-based Ghanaian social media activist, has released a video to clear the air and confirm that he is still alive.

The news of his death had caused a stir on social media, with many people expressing shock and sadness over the alleged passing of the controversial activist.

According to the trending reports, it claimed that the socialite was shot and k!lled in New York after his unabated criticism of the government.

However, in the video, Twene Jonas appeared healthy and lively, putting to rest any doubts about his well-being.

Twene Jonas is alive clears death rumours
Twene Jonas is Alive

In the video, he vehemently denied the rumours, stating that he does not smoke or drink alcohol and, therefore, finds it hard to believe that he would die at such a young age.

He went on to express his anger as he went hard to diss and rain curses on bloggers and media houses who spread false news about his alleged death.

According to him, the rumours were designed to intimidate him and silence his activism. Jonas revealed that he was actually in the Bahamas, enjoying his time off.


The activist has gained a reputation for his outspoken and sometimes controversial views on issues affecting Ghana, particularly on social media.

His followers will undoubtedly be relieved to see him alive and well.

Watch the video below.



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