Two years after giving up his addiction, man shares his transformation in photos

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Man shares transformation after drug addiction

A young man going by the name Nelson describes his transformation after giving up his drug addiction for two years.

Nelson, who had used drugs, provided a visual illustration of the impact it had on his health.

A photo of Nelson while using drvgs.

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Nelson while using drugs
Nelson while using drvgs

Nelson shared that he started using after being severely saddened by his ex on the microblogging site Twitter in an effort to motivate young people.

“Hi everyone 🥺. 2 years ago today, I made that decision to STOP DRUGS!. Before then, I was a chronic CRYSTAL METH addict who turned to drugs for comfort after being brutally heartbroken by my EX. It was such a devastating experience for me,” he wrote.

“Everyone, I didn’t mean to pass a negative impression of my ex to anyone, we were both not perfect, this tweet is entirely about me and not her, so please let’s remove women out of this 💙💛.” he added in a sperate post.

See below a photo of Nelson after quitting his addiction.

Photo of Nelson two years after quitting his addiction
Photo of Nelson two years after quitting his addiction
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