Ukraine denies Russian claim Kyiv sent drones to hit Kremlin

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Russian officials have claimed to have foiled an assassination attempt on President Vladimir Putin, said to have been carried out by Ukrainian drones in the early hours of 3 May 2023.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy denied any role in the purported attack, which Moscow claimed was a terrorist act, and has promised retaliation.

However, there was no independent verification of the alleged attack, which reportedly happened overnight, and Russia provided no evidence to support its claims.

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US intelligence officials are looking into the Russian claims, but neither they nor US Secretary of State Antony Blinken could confirm them. Some analysts suggest the alleged attack may have been either a warning from Kyiv or a false flag operation by Moscow about defending their own territory and not attacking Moscow or Putin.

However, the Russian claims of a Ukrainian drone attack on the Kremlin have raised concerns about a potential escalation of the conflict between the two countries.

The lack of independent verification of the alleged attack and the timing of the Kremlin’s announcement have also raised questions about the veracity of Russia’s claims.

The United States has expressed concern over the alleged attack and is reportedly investigating the matter, although U.S. officials have cautioned against taking the Kremlin’s claims at face value.

Meanwhile, experts are divided over the possible motives behind the alleged attack, with some suggesting it may have been a warning shot by Ukraine or a false flag operation by Moscow.

Regardless of the true nature of the incident, the tensions between Ukraine and Russia are likely to continue to simmer, with both sides accusing the other of aggression and seeking to defend their own interests.

The conflict has already taken a heavy toll on both countries, with thousands of lives lost and many more displaced by the fighting.

As the world watches to see how events unfold in Ukraine, it remains to be seen whether a peaceful resolution to the conflict can be found or whether tensions will continue to escalate, potentially leading to a wider conflict in the region.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian officials have voiced concern that the alleged drone attack could provide Russia with a pretext for military action against Ukraine. Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak warned that the Russian claims could be used by Moscow to justify “massive strikes on Ukrainian cities, on the civilian population, on infrastructure facilities.”

The United States, which has been supporting Ukraine in its conflict with Russia, is also looking into the alleged attack. According to a U.S. official, the Pentagon is investigating the matter, while American intelligence officials have not yet made a determination.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, speaking in Washington, said that he had seen the reports but could not validate them. He added that anything coming out of the Kremlin should be taken with “a very large shaker of salt” and that it was hard to comment on the incident without knowing the facts.

The alleged drone attack, if confirmed, would mark a significant escalation in the 14-month conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine has been fighting against Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine since 2014, following Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

Experts have offered different interpretations of the incident. Some suggest that it may have been a warning shot by Ukraine, while others believe it could have been a false flag operation by Russia to justify more intense attacks in Ukraine or more conscription.

The alleged attack has prompted calls in Russia from pro-Kremlin figures for the assassination of senior leaders in Ukraine. The Kremlin claimed the attack was planned to disrupt Victory Day, which Russia celebrates on May 9 to commemorate the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II. Putin is expected to preside over the celebrations in Moscow.

The incident comes as Ukraine seeks greater firepower for its armed forces in its efforts to dislodge Russian troops from the occupied areas of the country. Both Ukraine and Russia have reportedly experienced ammunition shortages after a winter of long-range shelling and missile strikes.

In Finland, Zelenskyy sought more support for Ukraine’s armed forces as they consider when to start driving Russian forces out of Ukrainian territory they occupy. Zelenskyy said that Ukraine’s counteroffensive is “inevitable” but that it would be “reasonable and responsible.”

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