Ukraine’s Deputy Foreign Minister Calls for More Military Support to Defeat Russian Aggression

By Riddy10 3 Min Read

Ukraine’s Deputy Foreign Minister Andriy Melnyk has called for more military support from allies to defeat Russian aggression this year.

Despite the assistance Ukraine has received so far, Melnyk says it is not enough and the country needs “10 times more” to finish the conflict.

Melnyk has urged Ukraine’s partners to “cross all artificial red lines” and provide 1% of GDP to supply weapons to Ukraine.

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He also called on allies to comprehend the scale of the war and the urgent need for greater support.

Melnyk’s comments come after US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin revealed that the international coalition has provided Ukraine with $55 billion worth of support.

While this seems like a large amount, Melnyk compared it to the support the US provided to its allies during the Second World War.

He pointed out that more than $50 billion worth of help was supplied under US lend-lease alone in the 1940s, which would be equivalent to around $700-800 billion today.

In terms of what Ukraine has received from allies so far, modern battle tanks have been among the key contributions. Ukrainian forces are set to begin training on how to operate Abrams tanks next month.

The coalition’s security assistance has also included more than 230 tanks and over 1,550 armored vehicles and other equipment and munitions.

Ukraine's Deputy Foreign Minister Calls for More Military Support to Defeat Russian Aggression

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia has been ongoing for years, with tensions escalating in recent months.

In January, Russia amassed troops near the border with Ukraine, sparking fears of an invasion. Although the situation has since calmed, there are concerns that a renewed escalation could occur at any time.

Melnyk’s call for more military support is likely to be welcomed by many in Ukraine, who are eager to see an end to the conflict.

However, it remains to be seen whether allies will be willing to provide the level of support Melnyk is requesting. With tensions between Russia and Ukraine still high, the situation in the region remains unpredictable and potentially volatile.

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