Veterans’ disabled family criticizes Katy Perry’s “greed” in vying for their home

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After a contentious court struggle on Wednesday, a Los Angeles judge agreed with the property’s owner, Katy Perry, forcing disabled veteran Carl Westcott out of his Montecito, California, home.

 The problem at hand is that Westcott, who has Huntington’s disease, asserts that he was not mentally capable of selling his house to Orlando Bloom and Perry in 2021.


The Westcott family is not going to take this lying down, and they are now contesting the decision.

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Westcott’s son Chart questioned the judge’s finding in a statement to The Post, saying, “Where the judge’s ruling may follow the letter of the law, it shows that the law has no spirit.” 

The family promises to confront Perry and discuss potential consequences for perjury, and they look forward to her in-person testimony.

Perry’s assertions are contradicted by prior court records, as The Post reported in September. Perry maintained on wanting to reside in the house despite claiming that she had lost years’ worth of rental revenue and requesting damages. 

In contrast to her sworn declarations that she intended to remain in the residence, Perry has placed herself in a difficult situation by asserting that she lost years’ worth of rental income and is entitled to damages, according to Chart.

 “As Ms. Perry tells her fans about twice snatching homes from the elderly, we hope she enjoys her pyrrhic victory. Finally, we wish our father’s name had been spelt correctly by the judge.

Adding gasoline to the flames, Kameron, the daughter-in-law of Westcott and the wife of his other son, Court, expressed gratitude to those who had supported him during the trial but criticized the decision in Perry’s favor, calling it an act of “greed.

She stressed the family’s continued struggle against individuals attempting to take advantage of those with cognitive disabilities for their rights.


Kameron posted on Instagram, saying, “I know the truth and those who fight for good amongst greed will always prevail.” “Although the trial’s results and Carl’s current state of illness break our hearts, let this serve as a reminder and inspiration for all of us to be the change and kindness we need in this world, even in the face of seemingly unfair and immoral challenges.

The judge decided in favor of Perry and Bloom, casting doubt on the veracity of Westcott’s medical expert’s testimony on his mental state during the property negotiations.

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