VIDEO: Lil Wayne Calls Himself The “Best Rapper Alive”

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During his electrifying performance on the Los Angeles leg of the Welcome to Tha Carter Tour, held on Saturday night, the illustrious Lil Wayne fearlessly seized the opportunity to make an audacious declaration to the capacity crowd.

Sporting Los Angeles Lakers attire from head to toe, the esteemed rapper turned his gaze towards the enthralled audience and boldly asserted, “Ladies and gentlemen, I remain impervious to your perceptions, but rest assured, you are beholding the pinnacle of rap greatness I am unequivocally the best rapper alive.”

This assertion from Lil Wayne should come as no surprise to his dedicated fanbase, as he has always perceived himself as the supreme G.O.A.T. With unwavering confidence, the seasoned wordsmith has consistently viewed himself as an unparalleled force in the realm of microphone mastery.

In February, during an interview on Apple Music’s The Zane Lowe Show, Wayne expressed his disdain upon securing the seventh spot on Billboard and Vibe’s contentious 50 Greatest Rappers of All Time list (with Jay-Z occupying the top spot).


“Inquire within who, pray tell, occupies a position above mine?” quipped Wayne in response to the much-debated rankings. “Were they considering the entire expanse of hip-hop? Both past and present? If that were the case, I can reconcile with such a placement.

However, allow me to assert that I am unequivocally the preeminent artist in this realm. Consult them yourself; those individuals whose names you mentioned they too acknowledge my indisputable supremacy. Pose the question to them. They are fully cognizant of the truth.”

Certainly, Lil Wayne’s belief in his preeminence is not unfounded. The rap luminary’s illustrious career and remarkable discography speak for themselves.


As we await the highly anticipated release of his forthcoming opus, Tha Carter VI, which he confirmed during the Young Money Reunion concert last summer, it becomes evident that Lil Wayne’s quest for artistic greatness knows no bounds.

Observe Lil Wayne’s fervent proclamation of his reign as the paramount rapper in the video below.

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