Video of 8-year-old girl $moking leaves internet users shocked as she goes viral

By Townflex
Video of 8-year-old girl smoking weed leaves internet users schocked as she goes viral

video of a young girl switches the mood of many Ghanaian internet/social media users to a shock after she was spotted busily $moking weeds.

The little girl who is believed to be aged around 8 years old was seen smoking just like a trained pro who has had many years of training as she does it perfectly according to many social media users.

Well, the video which has since gone viral after hitting the internet space and topping trends for several hours now has garnered a lot of reactions from netizens who shared their views on what they see and found it very hard to believe as a young little girl at that age could do something of that sort.


The world is no longer a better place, and a safe place, as the younger ones who are referred to as the future leaders could begin at a very tender age and be seen displaying skillful ways of $moking the weed.

It could be said that she has been into this for quite some time now or has been spying on adults who are into smoking which we think will be the only reason she is doing it just as perfect as a pro.

Watch the video below and follow on TikTok.

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