WWE boss Vince McMahon Accused of Sexual Abuse and Trafficking lawsuit

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A woman who received a significant settlement from WWE magnate Vince McMahon has accused McMahon, the company, and a former executive of engaging in sex trafficking.

Janel Grant, a former WWE employee, filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Connecticut, naming McMahon, WWE, and former head of talent relations John Laurinaitis as defendants.

For those who believed McMahon couldn’t be more mysterious than he was a year ago, reading this lawsuit shatters that notion. Grant, who played a pivotal role in last year’s revelation of McMahon’s multimillion-dollar payouts as “hush money,” exposes the alleged inappropriate relationships within WWE that spanned years.

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Vince McMahon Accused of Sexual Abuse and Trafficking: The lawsuit paints a disturbing picture of a powerful man exploiting a vulnerable woman to an extraordinary degree, a distressingly familiar narrative.

It accuses McMahon, Laurinaitis, and WWE of violating the Trafficking Victims Prevention Act, alleging civil battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress tied to Grant’s enduring years of sexual and emotional abuse as a WWE employee.

In pursuit of justice, the lawsuit seeks unspecified monetary damages and a declaratory judgment nullifying a nondisclosure agreement Grant signed while at WWE. This agreement, it contends, should not impede Grant’s claims against McMahon and WWE.

According to the lawsuit, McMahon leveraged promised employment for a physical relationship, intertwining it with pledges of promotions and bonuses. Failure to maintain silence, the suit claims, led to multiple threats against Grant.

Vince McMahon Accused of Sexual Abuse and Trafficking
Vince McMahon Accused of Sexual Abuse and Trafficking

The narrative takes an unexpected turn into the realm of alleged sex trafficking, claiming McMahon coerced Grant into a sexual relationship with John Laurinaitis. Shockingly, it details instances of sexual assault in WWE offices during work hours and an appalling incident involving McMahon defecating on Grant during a threesome.

Further revelations include McMahon sharing explicit content of Grant without her consent, including producing content for wrestler Brock Lesnar, purportedly as an inducement for his re-signing. Lesnar, although not a defendant, is accused of making explicit demands.

A spokesperson for TKO Group Holdings, WWE and UFC’s parent company, emphasized the gravity of the allegations and pledged an internal investigation. The lawsuit’s timing, two days after TKO’s lucrative deal with Netflix for WWE’s “Monday Night Raw,” raises eyebrows.

McMahon’s intricate corporate history, from stepping down as WWE’s CEO amid hush-money investigations to his return as executive chairman and subsequent stock sales post-UFC merger, adds layers to this convoluted narrative.

Grant’s lawsuit unveils shocking details of alleged sexual assault and trafficking on WWE property, funded by the company. It describes McMahon’s disturbing use of sex toys, gifts, empty work promotions, and threats to control Grant.

After McMahon’s wife discovered the relationship, Grant claims she was coerced into resigning from WWE, signing an NDA, and promised $3 million for silence. McMahon allegedly reneged, citing leaked information, despite a $1 million payment in February 2022.

The lawsuit unveils a sordid timeline, beginning with Grant meeting McMahon in March 2019, succumbing to pressure for a physical relationship, and progressing from an entry-level legal position to the talent relations department.

One chilling example of McMahon’s alleged “extreme depravity” involves a May 9, 2020 incident where he defecated on Grant during a threesome, commanding her to continue pleasuring his associate amidst filth.

In June 2021, McMahon and Laurinaitis allegedly sexually assaulted Grant inside Laurinaitis’ office, revealing a horrifying episode of coercion and abuse. Ann Callis, Grant’s attorney, asserts that the lawsuit aims to hold the accused executives and the organization accountable for sweeping the abuse under the rug.

This shocking lawsuit against McMahon, Laurinaitis, and WWE was first reported by the Wall Street Journal, sending shockwaves through the wrestling and entertainment industries.

Vince McMahon Accused of Sexual Abuse and Trafficking

A copy of the court document can be downloaded here.

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