Woman Crushed to Death by Falling Container in Onitsha

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Pic shows: Monica Onokah.nnRescuers hacked off a woman's legs with a machete in a desperate attempt to free her after a heavy container fell from a lorry and crushed her.nnThey were unable to move the heavy container and took the drastic step in a last ditch attempt to save the life of Monica Onokah in the town of Festac in south-western Nigeria.nnBut it failed and she bled to death before they could get her to a hospital.nnMs Onokah was getting onto a motorcycle taxi at a bus stop in the town when the lorry overbalanced, dropping the huge container in the road.nnEyewitnesses said the biker was lucky enough to see the container falling and was able to save his skin by jumping out of the way.nnBut Ms Onokah, who was identified by friends on social media, tripped and fell as she tried to get out of the way and it landed on her legs.nnPassersby rushed to her aide but they could not shift the heavy container which was later removed from the road with a crane.nnEmmanuel Chinedu Udoaku later posted on social media: "Sweetheart... we [...] love u even in ur dead bed but God love u more and I pray that God will give ur family the heart to bear this Amen. RIP Monica Onokah (sic)"nnNigeria's motorcycle taxis are known as okada after the country's now defunct Okada Air airline.nn(ends)

In a horrifying incident on the evening of October 19, an unidentified woman lost her life after a 40ft container toppled from a moving trailer at the bustling Eze-Iweka area near Upper Iweka Bus Stop, along the Onitsha-Owerri Road.

The accident unfolded as the truck came to a stop by the roadside, with workers in the process of unloading cargo.


Unexpectedly, the parked truck began moving, setting off a chain of devastating events. The 40ft container it was transporting dislodged and fell, tragically crushing a woman who happened to be standing near the road.

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Shockingly, the victim remained trapped beneath the weighty container as rescue operations commenced to extricate her lifeless body.

The acting Sector Public Education Officer of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), Margaret Onabe, confirmed the incident.

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She attributed the crash to brake failure and revealed that efforts were underway to secure a crane capable of raising the massive container.

“On Thursday at approximately 15:08hrs, an unidentified driver of a commercial Mark trailer was involved in a road traffic accident.

The probable cause of the fatal crash was brake failure. According to eyewitnesses, the truck was parked, goods were being offloaded, and all of a sudden, it rolled off without a driver inside and hit one person.

Tragically, one female adult was involved, and she lost her life due to the 40ft container that the trailer was carrying.


The FRSC rescue team and the Awada police team rushed to the scene, where they initiated efforts to locate a crane capable of lifting the 40ft container that had entrapped the victim of the road traffic crash,” stated Margaret Onabe.

The Awada police division is also actively involved in the investigation to ascertain the circumstances leading up to the accident and take necessary actions.

This tragic incident serves as a sobering reminder of the importance of vehicle safety and maintenance on the nation’s roads, particularly for heavy-duty vehicles.

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