STRANGE! Woman Learns Her Husband Is A Spirit Who Died Two Years

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A woman posted a mythological tale on Twitter that is typical of Africans.

She asserted that a woman she knew had three children with a man she later got to know and that she had passed away two years before to their wedding.

Peace Igho, the story’s narrator, claims that the woman became pregnant for him while they were only starting out.


He bought land in a new neighborhood and built a house for himself and his wife, despite the neighbors’ claims that he only communicates with his family.

According to the narrator, his wife eventually became tired of asking about his family and turned her questions into demands.

Then he promised to take her to his village, but he disappeared as soon as she went to the market to buy supplies.

She then discovered a note from him outlining his absence and providing his hometown address when she returned.


She saw her husband’s family in his village, but they informed her that it was impossible because their son had already passed away.

Below is Peace’s full narration:

”Ok! So this woman in my area just discovered that her husband for years is a spirit!! They’ve got 3 kids yo!!! Jesus Christ!

She said she got pregnant for him while they were dating. Then they moved to my area. He bought a land and built a house. His neighbors said he doesn’t speak to anyone except his family. And he always walk alone.


So now after 3kids, she started demanding aggressively to see his family. He said they were in the village that he will take her there. He then gave her lots of money to go to the market to buy things they would take home to his family.

When she got back from the market, she met a note he wrote apologizing for his absence and his address in the village. She traveled to the east with the kids, located his house, and explained who she was but.

They said it wasn’t possible cos he died 2yrs before she gave birth to their first child. And they showed her his grave.


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