You Dated A Former President But Still Behave Like A Villager – OneGod Slams Tracey

By Riddy10 2 Min Read

Ghanaian actress, Tracey Boakye, has come under fire from controversial spiritualist, OneGod, for sharing her son’s American passport online.

OneGod, who is known for his controversial comments, has labeled Tracey as a villager, stating that she has refused to unlearn her uncouth behavior despite dating a former President.

OneGod’s comments come as a shock to many, with some questioning his credibility as a spiritualist.

However, the spiritualist remains adamant in his stance, going as far as to predict that Tracey’s marriage to Frank Badu Ntiamoah will not stand.


According to him, Tracey’s marriage is not real and is non-existent in the spiritual realm, meaning that it will inevitably collapse.

Tracey Boakye has not responded to OneGod’s comments, but many of her fans have come to her defense, labeling the spiritualist as a fraud.

They argue that his comments are baseless and unfounded, with some suggesting that he is simply seeking attention.


Tracey Boakye is no stranger to controversy, having been embroiled in a number of scandals in recent years. However, she remains one of Ghana’s most popular actresses, with a large following on social media.

The incident has sparked a debate online, with many people questioning the appropriateness of sharing personal information, such as a child’s passport, online.

Some have argued that such information should be kept private, while others have defended Tracey, stating that she has every right to share such information with her followers.


It remains to be seen how Tracey will respond to OneGod’s comments, but it is clear that the incident has caused a stir among Ghanaians.

With tensions running high, it is likely that this story will continue to make headlines for some time to come.


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