YouTube Go is shutting down this August [Details]

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Townflex Technology News After serving users of YouTube with the creation of the lite version of which is YouTube Go for seven years now, the company has announced that they are pulling down the app, stopping it from functioning starting from August, this year (2022).

YouTube Go is an official app from YouTube that lets you download videos to your Android. This stops you from wasting your data when you want to watch a specific video but don’t have access to a WiFi network.


YouTube Go is Shutting Down: This was made known to the public via a statement published on YouTube’s community page by Meeghan to confirm the rumours.

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YouTube Go is Shutting Down: Google says that it’s working on additional user controls that help to decrease mobile data usage for viewers with limited data, so any fringe cases can be addressed. YouTube Go lacks several features compared to the main app, including the ability to comment, post, create content, and use dark themes.

The publication is however advising all users of YouTube Go who wants to access YouTube videos after August to kindly install the official app from the stores or can do so by directly opening their browser to have a complete experience of the newly improved YouTube services.

Below reads the statement;

Hi everyone,

Today, we are announcing that YouTube Go will be sunsetted beginning in August. To access YouTube, we recommend that YouTube Go users install the main YouTube app or visit in their browsers. In comparison with YouTube Go, the main YouTube app provides a better overall user experience as well as offers features that aren’t available on YouTube Go that many have asked for – such as the ability to comment, post, create content, and use dark theme.

When we launched YouTube Go in 2016, it was designed for viewers in locations where connectivity, data prices, and low-end devices prevented us from delivering the best experience in the main YouTube app. Since then, YouTube has invested in improvements to the main YouTube app that make it perform better in these environments, while also delivering a better user experience which is inclusive of our entire community. Specifically, we have improved performance for entry-level devices or those that watch YouTube on slower networks. We’re also building out additional user controls that help to decrease mobile data usage for viewers with limited data – so stay tuned for more updates!


Using the main YouTube app, YouTube Go users will be able to participate in creation and community and have access to an overall improved user experience. Thank you to our YouTube Go users – we are excited to welcome you into the main YouTube app community!

– Meaghan, TeamYouTube

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