Thursday, August 5, 2021

    Yvonne Nelson Is Not Married, Lawyers Deny Marriage Rumours [See Full Details]

    Blogger apologizes To Yvonne Nelson Over Marriage Saga

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    Ghanaian actress, model, film producer and entrepreneur, Yvonne Nelson denies Marriage Rumors.

    Lawyers of the actress who is a mother of one have come out to debunk the spreading rumors about the Ghanaian actress having married.

    The news of Yvonne Nelson getting married made it to the trends on social media yesterday, Tuesday, July 21, 2021, as she was reported to have married an Italian man.

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    Yvonne Nelson

    This news was first published by a Nigerian website which was later reshared and re-published onto other blogs and got circulated making it to the trends.

    Well, the rumours found it ways to the actress and she wasn’t that happy about it, and had to go legal with it.

    The attorney of the Ghanaian actress has come out to rubbish the claims, describing it as fake news and that it should be disregarded by the general public.

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    Yvonne Nelson Is Not Married: The Lawyers on the legal case have also sent issued a warning to the Nigerian Instagram blogger demanding he takes off the post, and also render an apology for the deceitful story.

    Following letters sent out to the first media house, the Nigerian blogging site to have first published the story, they have come out to render an apology and also to announce that they have taken down the story from their page.

    They wrote:

    Lawyers RE Yvonne Nelson

    ✍️…We have been told through the LAWYERS of YVONNE NELSON that what we published is not true contrary to what we were supposedly reliably informed.

    Since it’s from the Lawyers and the Horse’s own Mouth that it is not true – who are we to stand anything?

    We unreservedly apologize to Yvonne Nelson for saying she is married when according to the Letter above & below (which have been cc to her), she is not.

    Based on this, we will be pulling down the story.

    We owe it to our distinguished and discerning Readers to know why the story we published on our website is no longer available for the sake of integrity and credibility to the YTAINMENT Brand.

    See the post below.

    Blogger apologizes to Yvonne Nelson
    Blogger apologizes to Yvonne Nelson

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