Yvonne Nelson fires back at Sarkodie in series of tweets over his ‘Try Me’ song

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Following the release of Sarkodie’s new song titled ‘Try Me,’ where he addressed Yvonne Nelson’s claims of him getting her pregnant and pressuring her to have an abortion, Yvonne responded with a series of tweets.

The ‘Country Side’ singer, Sarkodie shared his perspective on the matter, mentioning that despite not being prepared at the time, he wanted Yvonne to keep the baby. However, Yvonne declined as she was focused on her education.

In his song, Sarkodie commended Yvonne Nelson for speaking out but advised her to be cautious when selectively sharing information. He emphasized that nobody forced her to disclose their personal experiences and suggested that if she wanted to discuss their relationship, she should be transparent about her entire romantic history.

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“I never thought I was going on this wave, ’cause I was ready to take a couple of things to my grave. First of all, let me clap for you, baby, you are brave, but you can’t pick and choose what to say, please behave. Nobody sent you, so Ohemaa, if you want to talk, you have to tell the world every ngga that you fcked,” Sarkodie expressed in the opening lines of his song.

Sarkodie made claims in his song, pointing fingers at the actress, suggesting that he never forced her to have an abortion. Even though he wasn’t ready, he asked her to keep the baby, but she chose to have an abortion to complete her education.

“I am not going to sit here and lie; we had a thing. First, I thought we were cool ’till I had a thing. You told me you were pregnant, and I was the one to be blamed. Yes, I wasn’t ready, but I told you to keep it, and you explained that you had to complete your school,” part of Sarkodie’s lyrics read.

“To be honest, till date, I don’t believe it because I said my doctor should take care of you, and you said you don’t need it. After the conversation, you sent me a text that a friend of yours said she had a doctor, and he is the best. So, don’t make it seem like I was the one pushing you for an abortion because that’s the only part that made me angry,” Sarkodie added.

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Yvonne Nelson Replies Sarkodie

Yvonne took to Twitter and addressed the points made by Sarkodie in his song. She dismissed his attempts to discredit her with insults, asserting that his rap cannot alter the truth.

The actress also reminded Sarkodie that they both have daughters and challenged him to consider how they would feel if faced with similar circumstances in the future.

“Insults wont work michael. Respect womanhood, Im happy the world gets to see how you are playing this and the real you. Young women get to learn from this. You would get the applause for a rap.still doesn’t change the TRUTH,” she tweeted.

“In my book, i narrated how you got me pregnant, How you couldn’t wait for me to get rid of it. How you DROVE me to have an abortion. As usual, you want to use rap to rubbish a pain a young woman felt. We both have daughters, lets see what life throws at them. #triedyou,” another of her tweets said.

“Michael , you claim I was desperate to abort because I needed to complete school. In 2010 when I became pregnant, I had completed the university. Anybody can verify this. I wasn’t in school and you know it. If you want to lie, find an logical lie. #youspittinglies.” she tweeted.

“And would you have readily agreed for me to keep a pregnancy when you were in a serious relationship with another lady who would become your wife? Your street line is played out.. #thetruthsetsyoufree #theyouthislearning.” another tweed read.

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