President of Ukraine, Zelensky met with executives of U.S. defense companies

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While visiting the United States, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, met with leaders of American defense companies.

In a previously published article on, it was published that the US President Biden will host Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at White House Tuesday, and yes the meeting did happen.

The meeting took place at Ukraine House in Washington, DC, and included executives such as Tom Arseneault of BAE Systems, Harold Yoh of Day & Zimmermann, Theodore Colbert of Boeing, Fatih Ozmen of Sierra Nevada Corporation, Stephen O’Bryan of Northrop Grumman, Jeff Shockey of RTX, Raymond Piselli of Lockheed Martin, Mark Roualet of General Dynamics, Daniel Powers of D&M Holding, and Charles Dean of AeroVironment.

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Zelensky met with executives of U.S. defense companies
President of Ukraine met with executives of U.S. defense companies

Zelensky discussed the idea of creating a defense hub in Europe, with Ukraine as the potential location. He emphasized that while Ukraine is prepared to increase the production of ammunition and military equipment, support from international companies is crucial.

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This collaboration would involve joint production of artillery ammunition, air defense systems, and artillery and missile systems. Zelensky also proposed the establishment of a defense hub in Europe, reiterating Ukraine’s commitment to making swift decisions and cutting through bureaucratic processes to facilitate orders.

The Ukrainian President highlighted the importance of a creative and innovative approach in the defense industry, citing projects like FrankenSAM as examples. These projects showcase the integration of modern Western and old Soviet technological solutions to achieve quick results.

Notably, Ukraine had previously reached agreements with two major U.S. companies for the joint production of 155mm ammunition on Ukrainian territory. Watch video of his visit and meeting below.

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