£5m cocaine hauls wash up on beaches in Sussex and Hampshire

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People who live in towns by the sea in Sussex and Hampshire are really worried. They say things have taken a bad turn because packages of cocaine, worth £5 million, are showing up on their beaches.

People living in these towns are angry and scared. They have to be careful when they go out for a walk with their dogs because they might run into police officers. Every day, they find packages of a powerful drug, called Class A, on the sandy shores.

On a Monday morning, the police got a call to go to Goring. People thought there were drugs on the beach. It turns out that a large amount of drugs was probably thrown into the sea near Solent, which is a strait near these towns, over the weekend.

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£5m cocaine hauls wash up on beaches in Sussex and Hampshire, Cops have seized around 100kg in waterproof packagesCredit: Eddie Mitchell
Cops have seized around 100kg in waterproof packages Credit: Eddie Mitchell

The huge stash of drugs is believed to have been dumped in the Solent last weekend, leaving people in the retirement towns fearing their homes have become a hotbed for smuggling. So far, a street value of around £5million has been recovered.


The packages will be taken for forensic testing along with the substances that were found in Selsey on October 19, Middleton and Felpham on October 13 and Ferring on October 12.

Former engineer Steve Pritchard, 71, took his dog out on Goring Beach, Worthing, where armed officers were guarding 30kg of the drug brought in by the morning tide.

He told The Sun Online: “It’s probably come off a freighter in the Channel. Lots more people have been on the beach walking their dogs since the first reports of packages.

“But you get all sorts of stuff washing up along here. Somebody must be pushing it overboard. Somebody is in trouble.”

The packages which were found had ‘POPI’ written on them, police have said, as they urged the public not to touch or attempt to remove any suspicious finds on the beach. The National Crime Agency is continuing to investigate and suggests the drugs may have originated in South America.

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