FUNNY! Angry Woman Beats Taxi Driver For Crashing Into Her Car (video)

By Riddy10 2 Min Read

In a shocking incident that unfolded on Tuesday morning, December 5, 2023, in Durban, South Africa, a woman, identified as Thuso Khumalo, was caught on camera assaulting a minibus taxi driver after a collision.

The viral video captured Khumalo, a project manager for an interior design company in Durban, kicking and hitting the minibus taxi driver while amused onlookers encouraged her actions.

The incident occurred in Umhlanga, and witnesses from nearby offices were seen urging her to “hit him.”

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Speaking to journalists on Wednesday, Khumalo explained that her outburst was a result of her anger over the minibus taxi driver colliding with her car at high speed, seemingly without any justification. She mentioned that she was traveling with her mother at the time.

Angry Woman Beats Taxi Driver For Crashing Into Her Car (video)

While Khumalo claimed to be fine, she admitted to being on anti-anxiety medication to cope with the aftermath of the incident. Her mother, though slightly bruised, was reportedly being monitored for any complications.

Addressing criticism about resorting to physical violence, Khumalo acknowledged, “They are right, I probably shouldn’t have hit him at all, but there was nothing that warranted him driving at that speed in an area where the traffic lights were not working, he just came out of nowhere,” she said.

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The incident has ignited discussions about road safety and appropriate responses to traffic altercations.

The video has sparked outrage and debates online, raising questions about the escalating tensions on the roads and the role of bystanders in such confrontations.

Authorities are expected to investigate the incident further.

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