Black Sherif is a thre@t in Shatta Wale’s eyes, and he wants to k!ll him: Fmr friend reveals

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Shatta Wale’s former companion Wizla Finito claims that if Shatta Wale were a spiritually powerful person, he would have sl@in Black Sherif.

The young man claimed that if Shatta Wale had been as spiritually powerful as he once was, he would have ruined the career of the spectacular artist Black Sherif.

This admission from the former buddy of Shatta Wale comes after he previously charged Bulldog with being responsible for the demise of the late Fennec Okyere, who happens to be the former manager of Kwaw Kese.

Meanwhile, Shatta Wale has also been accused of being responsible for the deaths of former dancehall performers Ebony Reigns and Vybrant Faya by a former friend.

On his Facebook page, Wizla posted as follows:

“Yo Wale since you want to release secrets and lie about Bulldog that he knows something about Kwaw Kese’s late manager Fenick’s death, you too tell Ghanaians what you know about the death of Ebony and Vybrant Fire.

I told you that you are playing with fire that you don’t want to touch, and all the madness go soon tear from your eye top Falaaa.

Black Sherif is a thre@t in Shatta Wale's eyes
Black Sherif is a thre@t in Shatta Wale’s eyes

I will be coming live today to expose how you went to Ebony’s funeral and shed fake tears to confuse Ghanaians. If you wanna play, then bring it on and make we see your Fada

Tell us what you know about Ebony’s death, and tell us what you know about Vybrant Fire’s death.

You wish Blacko was out of the way cos you see him as a threat but unfortunately, you are not strong enough like before to get him out.

Your days are numbered bro, you’re gradually going down Falaaa, mark my words”


So folks, what are your thoughts on this?

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