Cedis doesn’t make you a billionaire – Kasapreko Company CEO 

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Dr. Kwabena Adjei

The fascinating story of Dr. Kwabena Adjei, the president and founder of Kasapreko Company Limited, starts in the forest and moves up to the city, where he hustles to build his dream home and lives with his entire family, including extended family members.

In spite of his substantial riches, Dr. Adjei eschewed extravagance and lived in a retirement community in Wassa Amenfi, Western Region, tucked away in a forest.

This choice stands in stark contrast to his many opulent residences, which are dispersed throughout the nation and include the well-known “Signature Apartments” in Accra.

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During an open conversation with well-known Ghanaian vlogger Wode Maya, the business magnate discusses his current humble lifestyle, his past challenges, and his hopes of leaving a lasting legacy for future generations.

“I was born in a forest and lived there for the first 13 years of my life. I had only ever gone through the woodland once. It was really difficult. Since I wasn’t even residing in this cottage at the time (points to his mansion). I was in the midst of the wilderness with my father, mother, and myself. I used to walk almost five miles every morning to get to this school. (indicates the location of his mansion) and I returned to my parents’ house in the middle of the forest after school.

“I built this family home where I currently reside” (points to the mansion). I had to move my entire family from the original house, a modest two-story building, to this location because I was the head of the Aduana family. Being an elderly man, my motivation for performing these activities is to benefit my generation rather than myself. I tend to the necessities of my family. Everybody in my clan. I support every single one of them all the way to the university.

For my grandchildren, I have established a fund so that their grandfather would continue to provide for them in the event that their father is unable to do so in the future. My ancestors’ inspiration was immense. I eat the same food as the locals since I live like one. You cultivate your own food and consume it yourself. (Gives a gesture towards his labor-filled farm). He said, “I am a village man,” to Wode Maya.

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But in spite of all of this, the creator of the Kasapreko Group of Companies maintains that he is not a billionaire. “I’m not a multibillionaire. To be honest, I don’t consider myself to be wealthy. As a man and a human, I am ordinary. I was in America not too long ago, and those are the wealthy people with dollars. Consequently, I cannot claim to be a billionaire if I own some cedis. Aside from Dangote, who else is wealthy in Africa? No one. In Ghana, who is wealthy? Nobody.

Speaking on his choice to stay put despite being among the wealthiest men in Africa, Dr. Kwabena Adjei said, “An eagle knows exactly what to pursue; it studies its prey, goes after it, and catches it. Because there is no gain in being flamboyant or outgoing, I am all about staying concentrated and out of the spotlight. Though I don’t like the media, not everything needs to be publicised, sometimes it’s impossible to hide.

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