Chelsea’s Champions League Exit: Thiago Silva criticises Chelsea owners

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After Chelsea’s Champions League exit at the hands of Real Madrid, Thiago Silva expressed his dissatisfaction with the decisions made by the club’s owners this season.

The team’s underwhelming performance at Stamford Bridge culminated in a 2-0 defeat on the night and a 4-0 aggregate loss, which saw them bow out of the competition. Silva believes that a consistent theme throughout the campaign has been high-profile stars being left out of the starting line-up and has called for a change in this approach.

In his post-match interview with TNT Sports, Silva highlighted that while it’s not fair to solely blame the managers, players also need to take responsibility. The club is currently going through a hard period with a lot of uncertainty due to a change of ownership and new players arriving.

Silva acknowledges that while there are some amazing players in the squad, there will always be players who are unhappy with their playing time.


Furthermore, Silva believes that the club needs to implement a strategy and stop making the same mistakes in the future. Chelsea signed eight new players in January alone, which resulted in the need to increase the size of the changing room to accommodate the size of the squad. Silva contends that if the club doesn’t stop and put a strategy in place, they could face similar problems in the upcoming season.

“I think the first step has been made. An incorrect step, but it has been made. We can’t be blaming the managers if we don’t take responsibility. It’s a hard period for the club, with a lot of indecision. Change of ownership, new players arriving – we had to increase the size of the changing room because it didn’t fit the size of the squad.

“A positive point is that there are amazing players in the squad but on the other hand there are always players that are going to be unhappy. There is always going to be someone upset because not everyone can play. The manager can only pick 11 from a squad of 30-something – that’s tough. Some can’t make the squad, we signed eight in January, we need to stop and put a strategy in place otherwise next season we could make the same mistakes.” Silva told TNT Sports after Tuesday’s defeat.


Despite the underwhelming performance from Real Madrid, Chelsea couldn’t secure the win, which makes it Lampard’s fourth defeat in four games since his return to the club. While the search for his permanent successor continues, the Brazilian centre-back feels that players need to take responsibility and stop focusing solely on replacing managers.

Chelsea has had three managers this season, plus a fourth with Bruno where they failed to win. Silva stresses the need to identify the issues and work on changing them to ensure future success for the club.

“Everybody talks too much about replacing managers. I think we, as players, must also take responsibility,” the Brazilian continued. “We have had three managers this season, plus a fourth with Bruno where we failed to win. We have lost today and with Lampard we have failed to win. Everybody is talking about the manager but we must look at what has been done wrong and try to change.”

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