Cocaine Found at White House: Culprit Still Unknown

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In a shocking revelation, photos have surfaced depicting the cocaine discovered near the White House in July of this year.

The Secret Service conducted a swift investigation into the matter, leading to a brief evacuation and Hazmat team response, but no suspect was apprehended.


The images, shared by DailyMail, reveal a small plastic bag containing approximately one gram of the illicit substance in locker no. 50 near the White House’s West Executive entrance.

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The Secret Service concluded its probe within 11 days, citing a “lack of physical evidence” as FBI forensic testing failed to yield fingerprints or sufficient DNA on the bag.

Cocaine Found at White House: Culprit Still Unknown

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Approximately 500 visitors were considered suspects, but the lack of footage at the holding area beneath the Oval Office hindered the identification of the person responsible.

President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden had left the White House two days before the discovery for a weekend at Camp David.

Federal investigators, in a private briefing to House lawmakers, expressed their inability to determine the culprit due to the absence of footage.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, during a July 7 briefing, declined to confirm whether the cocaine belonged to the Biden family, emphasizing their absence during the incident.

National security adviser Jake Sullivan suggested that construction workers might have been responsible for smuggling the substance into one of the world’s most secure buildings.


Additionally, it was disclosed that marijuana had been confiscated from White House visitors, although no arrests were made due to the quantity not meeting the legal threshold.

Despite stringent drug testing for White House staff, visitors remain exempt. The incident raises questions about security protocols and highlights the challenges of investigating such incidents in high-profile locations.

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