Despite university leaders’ efforts, students resist and the anti-Israel group gains influence by exploiting technicalities

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Students defy university leaders as anti-Israel group gain leverage through technicalities.

Amidst anti-Israel protests that have been going on on the campus for more than a week, the Columbia University Senate in New York City voted in favour of a motion calling for an investigation of the school’s leadership.

The resolution’s specifics were verified by a source in the school administration, who said that it passed 62–14 with three senators voting against it.

According to the resolution, last week, when Columbia President Minouche Shafik gave the New York City Police Department (NYPD) permission to enter the campus and detain protestors, she broke established protocol.

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Shafik is specifically charged with violating professor and student due process rights when she gave cops permission to access the campus.

Since the university senate, which is composed of instructors, administrators, and students, is the body that sets policies for the institution, it lacks the power to dismiss Shafik.

Despite university leaders' efforts, students resist and the anti-Israel group gains influence by exploiting technicalities
Anti-Israel agitators rally outside Columbia University

“The administration and Senate share the same goal of restoring calm to campus, so everyone can pursue their educational activities,” stated the college. “We are committed to an ongoing dialogue and appreciate the Senate’s constructive engagement in finding a pathway forward.”

In light of the growing antisemitism on campus and the continuous demonstrations against Israel that have interrupted classrooms, Shafik has come under growing pressure to resign. 

Shafik expressed in a statement on Monday that she was “deeply saddened” by some of the agitators’ activities, who established a “encampment” on campus and incited staff and students with anti-Semitic shouts and slogans. 

The demonstrators set up camp on Columbia University’s campus grounds on April 17, the same day Shafik was subjected to harsh criticism from Republicans during a congressional hearing for not doing enough to combat antisemitism. After giving testimony to the same committee that was harshly criticised, two other Ivy League presidents resigned several months earlier. 

Republicans in the US House from New York have called on Shafik to step down, claiming in a letter sent on Monday that she hasn’t been able to maintain a secure classroom environment recently because “anarchy has engulfed the campus.

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