FUNNY! Diminutive Singer Grand P Tries To Carry Lover Eudoxie Yao (+VIDEO)

By Riddy10 2 Min Read

In a comical video that surfaced recently, Grand P, the Guinean singer, took on the challenge of carrying his plus-size partner, Eudoxie Yao.

The amusing footage captures the couple’s lighthearted attempt, resulting in a series of falls and laughter.

On the initial try, Grand P struggled to lift Eudoxie Yao onto his back, leading to a humorous exchange where he jokingly asked if she intended to “kill” him. Undeterred, they decided to give it another shot.

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The second attempt unfolded with Grand P encouraging Eudoxie Yao to try again, despite her protestations that he couldn’t carry her.

In a playful manner, Grand P insisted, stating, “If you do not jump on my back, you will not enjoy my money.” The lovers once again ended up on the ground, laughing off the situation.

The video quickly gained traction, eliciting laughter from viewers who questioned why Eudoxie Yao attempted to jump on the back of her diminutive lover, Grand P. Social media reactions poured in, with users expressing amusement and playful commentary.


Some fan comments included Milianojr11’s exclamation, “Ahyyyy but what is this?” and lisiani771’s speculation that Eudoxie Yao “wants to kill him.”

HEN24Scd questioned Eudoxie Yao’s intentions during her attempt, asking, “What exactly was she looking for?” Jordito88 noted, “Looks like she’s not too serious,” accompanied by a peace sign emoji.

The light-hearted video has entertained many, bringing joy and laughter to social media as fans continue to share and discuss the amusing antics of Grand P and Eudoxie Yao.

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